Oz Dragon Cookie Followup

This is follow-up to a recording that was interrupted by technical difficulties.
Just wanted to share that part of the Dragon Cookies mission is to bring maturity to the pleasure of eating the hottest peppers.

The interview can be seen at http://www.spreecast.com/events/dragon-cookies-live

There are a lot of pranksters and masochistic videos that overshadow the flavor and enjoyment of spicy foods. My invitation is that we pause and create opportunities to enjoy the gift of capsaicin. Please, Respect the Cookie.

Nicole Challenges the Peanutbutter Dragon Cookie

Nicole has her first experience with the Peanutbutter Dragon Cookie. A cookie filled with the flavor of peanutbutter and a mixed of ghost peppers and habanero peppers.

Find more info @ www.DragonCookies.com

Kate, Oz & Peanutbutter DragonCookie

How to enjoy the Dragon Cookie

Kate and Oz enjoy the Peanutbutter Dragon Cookie and milk on a Thursday evening.

Ghost Pepper Bourbon Infusion

This bourbon was rated as a “best value” so for $12 I got it to experiment with infusing ghost peppers.

This will sit for 48 hours and we;ll see what happens.

Stay hot, my friends

Ghost Pepper Bourbon

Respect the Cookie!

Peanutbutter Dragon Cookies

RESPECT the cookie!