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Excel Inventory Control System DEMO

This video shows an Inventory Control System that was built in Excel. The purpose is to demo the various layers to consider in creating such a document: – Distinct Incoming, Outgoing and Inventory Sections – Required fields so that complete info is entered – Alerts that give users an idea of anything that’s missing – […]

VLOOKUP: compare lists and retrieve information

I was asked for my Top 5 Excel Functions. Number 2 is VLOOKUP. This video goes along with a blogpost on my site: http://datascopic.net/question/top-5-excel-functions-vlookup/ In this video I show 2 ways that VLOOKUP can be used: 1. How do we determine which of our members HAVE NOT replied to their invitations? 2. How to retrieve […]

Kurt & Oz Making Ice Cream with Liquid Nitrogen

This afternoon Kurt and I experimented with liquid nitrogen, habanero-infused vanilla extract and coffee beans. The video starts with the end of the coffee bean roasting. In order to get the beans to stop roasting and not get too bitter, they’re normally taken off the stove and dipped into an ice bath. Today, we poured […]

Using Dummy Data in Excel. Also: Pivot Table and VLOOKUP

(It’s best to view this “Large” rather than the small default window”) In this video we see an example of using dummy or bogus data. Often we get data sets that are hard to work with because it’s got Employee IDs, Part Numbers, or other strings of characters that aren’t easily comprehensible. I show how […]

Oz Dragon Cookie Followup

This is follow-up to a recording that was interrupted by technical difficulties. Just wanted to share that part of the Dragon Cookies mission is to bring maturity to the pleasure of eating the hottest peppers. The interview can be seen at http://www.spreecast.com/events/dragon-cookies-live There are a lot of pranksters and masochistic videos that overshadow the flavor […]

Ghost Pepper Bourbon Infusion

This bourbon was rated as a “best value” so for $12 I got it to experiment with infusing ghost peppers. This will sit for 48 hours and we;ll see what happens. Stay hot, my friends